About Access

Established in 1995, ACCESS  is committed to providing opportunities to people with low levels of  educational attainment and those most marginalised in the community. Through a community education model we provide both accredited and non-accredited educational programmes to address the needs of our target groups.

Because of the huge personal commitments and dedication of past and present board members of excellent and committed staff throughout the years, ACCESS 2000 continues to remain autonomous, self-directed, vibrant, successful and focussed on the marginalised and disadvantaged in our communities.  Because of this we have grown from strength to strength.  We now deliver training in two premises in the town, our target groups are not only women, but young adults from all over Wexford.

ACCESS 2000 is a limited company by guarantee and also has charitable status.  It is managed by a local Voluntary Management Committee.

The Project is based in 2 Green Street and since September 2012 has taken over the management of Westgate Computer Training Centre, Wexford.


Mission Statement

Access 2000 is a Community based Education and Training Project . We through partnership and solidarity with other groups are committed to raising the awareness of the barriers facing people experiencing educational, social and cultural disadvantage.


The aim of the project is to provide community education training programmes to young people and women who experience educational, social and cultural disadvantage and to provide support and training in the development of women’s groups within the community sector.


  • To ensure that the principles and values of community development are fully implemented and practised by ACCESS 2000.
  • To seek funding that adequately resource the democratic process of working collectively to promote equality, empowerment and inclusion.
  • To be an educational resource and drop-in centre for people in the Wexford area.
  • To encourage people to become involved in the activities of the project as volunteers.
  • To influence policy at local, regional and national level.
  • To continue to network with other community groups working with marginalised women.
  • To provide an integrated approach to training, accreditation and job creation for all adults at a local and regional level with the dual vision of access and equality,
  • To work towards meaningful and satisfying outcomes, including personal growth and professional development.

Our Team


Marian Donegan                 ACCESS 2000 Project Coordinator

Lee McEvoy                         NCCWN Wexford Project Coordinator

Dagmar Byrtusova              LTI Assistant Coordinator / NCCWN Project Worker

Mercedes Hoad Moussa   NCCWN Wexford Development Worker

Caroline Kennedy                LTI Coordinator

Tutors / Facilitators:

Aoife O’Ruanaidh          

Tommy Byrne

Lee McEvoy

Fintan Hughes

Laura Cullen





Decklan Savage 

Christina Sinnott

Niamh Radford  

Andy Hargreaves

Jennie Fitzpatrick



NCCWN (The National Collective of Community Based Women's Networks)

In partnership with NCCWN,  ACCESS 2000 aim to ensure that effective structures and resources are in place to support and sustain our work.  We collaborate with local, regional and national organisations to ensure that we are representing our local community by raising issues and concerns brought to us through evaluations and needs assessment.  This ensure that their issues and concerns are brought to the national agency (policy and decision making bodies).