Advanced Word Proccessing


The aim of this course is to bring your word processing skills to the next level with advanced typographical, formatting and layouts, including tables, forms and graphics. Learn how to use tools like macros and advanced mail merge options, and manage large documents.

Course Content

  • Apply advanced text, paragraph, column and table formatting.
  • Convert text to a table and vice versa.
  • Work with referencing features like footnotes, endnotes and captions.
  • Create tables of contents, indexes and cross-references.
  • Enhance productivity by using fields, forms and templates.
  • Apply advanced mail merge techniques and work with automation features like macros.
  • Use linking and embedding features to integrate data.
  • Collaborate on and review documents.
  • Work with master documents and subdocuments. Apply document security features.
  • Work with watermarks, sections, and headers and footers in a document.

Course Duration

The course will be delivered over 30 hours