The crafting and laying of the Mosaic depicting the ethos and activities of ACCESS 2000 was an extraordinary challenge.... for pure novices. I was a part of a 15 women team who engaged on this activity. As strangers to each other it became an empowering experience embodying: Team Work, Decision Making,Leadership & Listening Skills. It also involved practical skills such as art, colour, design and mosaic. Our passionate and inspiring tutor guided us trough a series of masterclasses to complete The Goal. It was such a proud moment to see the finished product and the 'blood, sweat & tears' that were also part of the process are now forever cemented & grouted into our work of art.
Ellie Hughes
Mosaic Project Participant
Have enjoyed the class so much, gained so much knowledge. Very therapeutic, my confidence grew. Met lovely people.It was fantastic to make something so beautiful and I Will make some mosaic for my garden.
Betty Wilson Farrell
Mosaic Project Participant
Was looking forward to making a mosaic. Did not realize there was so much involved. Thought it was only sticking pieces of tiles on concrete. Enjoyed the little bit of art although I was no good at it. It was lovely to see it all take shape, from drawing, cracking tiles, cementing and creating a work of art. Mary was an excellent teacher, very patient with us all and willing to share her talent. Really felt a sense of achievement when I saw the mosaic in the garden. Looking forward to bringing my little owl at home. Thanks a million.
Annette O'Hara
Mosaic Project Participant