Automatic inquests into all maternal deaths are now mandatory! After six years of campaigning and with the new law in place, the Elephant Collective felt it was appropriate to hold this final event at the Copper House Gallery in Dublin on Friday evening 15th November, to honour the women and all the families and to thank all the individuals, groups and communities who have worked to achieve this change.

Guest speakers – Clare Daly (MEP), Fleur van Leeuwen: Human rights with a gender perspective & Jo Murphy-Lawless or ‘Dr Jo’ as she is affectionately known, is a sociologist / activist par excellence.

people involved in the elephant collective campaign
Jo Murphy-Lawless and Margaret Cullen
elephant collective campaign
art piece for elephant collective campaign
baby elephants fimo art
Doreen Ryan, Dagmar Byrtusova, Clare Daly MEP and Margaret Cullen
Fleur van Leeuwen guest speaker at The Elephant Collective Campaign event
Clare Daly MEP
the elephant collective campaign